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About us

Fulham Camerata aspires to be a distinctive amateur choir.

  1. We are a chamber choir. With relatively few voices to each part, everyone can hear themselves, hear those alongside them, and feel part of a genuinely collaborative enterprise;
  2. Fulham Camerata does not ask would-be members to audition; rather, we welcome and support new members. Over the years, we have found that ‘self-selection’ works – and people feel confident enough to stretch themselves;
  3. We explore varied repertoire. Back in time to John Wilbye, Vivaldi, J S Bach and Handel; tackling challenging pieces (Britten’s Hymn to Saint Cecilia for example) and more approachable works (such as Copland’s settings of Simple Gifts and At the River); performing bang up-to-date composers (including works by Cecilia McDowall, Howard Goodall, Eric Whitacre, Bob Chilcott and Alexander Campkin including world premieres); not being afraid to programme virtually unknown pieces, such as the Finnish composer Jaako Mantyjarvi’s setting of lines from Macbeth;
  4. We work with: professional singers, who form an ensemble and sometimes coach sections of the main choir; soloists, typically in the early stages of their careers; and chamber orchestras, giving young musicians valuable experience of delivering high quality performances under time pressure.


Fulham Camerata is always keen to recruit new singers, for either group, so please do get in touch or come along to a rehearsal if you think this is for you!


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