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We are always keen to meet new singers, both amateur and Ensemble (these are usually young professionals, either still at music college or recently graduated). We also have annual choral scholarships.

Amateur singers can get in touch by email (see Contact Us Page) and simply arrange to come along to a rehearsal, and judge for themselves if Fulham Camerata is right for them. Do look at our FAQ’s page and if you would like to speak to someone, contact Krystyn on 0208 543 5361. Krystyn looks after new members and membership enquires and will be happy to answer your questions.  We are currently looking for enthusiastic tenors and first sopranos to boost our ranks!

Ensemble singers will need to audition successfully with our music director and chair of the committee.

Rehearsal Venue: Holy Cross Church, Parson’s Green, Fulham SW6 3QA. The Parish office is on Cortayne Road but the Church is on the corner of Ashington Road and Bettridge Road – see map.


Membership Fees:

Members’ subscriptions go towards covering all the costs associated with running a choir which performs concerts, from hire of rehearsal and concert venues, musicians and scholars, to press and advertising. The autumn term fees are below; members also purchase their music each term, which amounts to £10-15 depending on repertoire.

Standard membership: £65

Students and under 25’s: £35

 Photos this page by www.carmelking.com


2 comments on “Join us

  1. I’m sure the information I seek is on your website somewhere, so sorry if I’ve missed it; but what day do you rehearse and at what time? Thanks for your trouble.

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